Research Journal

June 6, 2016

Final Work




Imagery used at the beginning of the year ... places I have been and the things I saw. Some of these things have worked themselves directly into the paintings, others are yet to be used. 

Paintings from the beginning of the year...

These paintings have begun to gather an airtight quality which is suffocating the subject matter. It will need to paint in a more fluid manner in order to inject some kind of life into the still spaces...












The painting developed very quickly form the drawings. The process of drawing has been more connected to my studio practice than ever before. The freer the drawings the faster the paintings. They are more connected that ever within the are making process. 

 The drawings were made in 5 mins and allowed for me to tackle the subject matter without overloading it with detail. I prefer the drawings to the final painting in the end as they are more spontaneous. 



'Who Put That There?' (Above)  Is the first painting in which I decided to Invert the painting and paint on the inside of the frame. This comes out of wanting to make the paintings seem more like objects on the one hand and to also expand the the dimensional space of the rooms I am painting. 



 Shows a quiet stillness in his paintings of humble domestic objects. Its seems as though the subject matter of the vases themselves are merely a way in which to meditate on the way in which they should be painted. The repetition of the objects means that they become background to the real business of Morandi's paintings which is to create harmony within this humble composition. By Striping the work of all the markers of high art i.e the human figure, impressive vibrant brush work, instead  the viewer is forced to appreciate its modesty.