A Closer Sun .jpg

'A Closer Sunrise' oil on canvas, 2019

'Mountains Reflected' 2019.jpg

'Mountains Reflected ' oil on canvas, 2019


'A Clear View' oil on canvas, 2018

I AM All THAT I AM NOT(2018).jpg

'All That I Am' oil on canvas, 2018


'All That I Am, I Am Not ' Exhibited At Sim Smith Gallery July 2019

Consequences of The Garden.jpg

' Consequences of The Garden' oil on canvas, 2018


'Over and Under' mixed media on paper, 2018

'Bad Nights Sleep' oil, Acrylic on board, 2017
'Distraction' 2017 Acrylic on paper. 30 x 40cm. .
'Reading Room', acrylic on paper 2017

© 2019 - Kemi Onabule 

'Contemplation In A Yellow Jumper' 2017, acrylic on paper. 

'Enclosure' oil on canvas, 2018

'Call Me Old Fashioned' 2017, acrylic on paper. 
'Distractions' 2017, acrylic on paper

'Altercation' oil on canvas, 2018